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Publications with Robotics R-DEX Systems

S. Ashrafi, etal. “Demonstration of OAM-based MIMO FSO link using spatial, diversity and MIMO equalization for turbulence mitigation,” OFC 2016, OSA 2016


S. Ashrafi, etal. “Atmospheric turbulence mitigation in an OAM-based MIMO free-space optical link using spatial diversity combined with MIMO equalization,” Optic Letters, Vol 41, No. 11/ June 1, 2016


S. Ashrafi, etal. “Free-space optical communications using orbital-angular-momentum multiplexing combined with MIMO-based spatial multiplexing,” Optics Letters Vol. 40, No. 18 / September 15, 2015


S. Ashrafi, etal. “Orbital angular momentum beams generated by passive dielectric phase masks and their performance in a communication link,” Optics Letters, Vol. 42, No. 14 / July 15, 2017



S. Ashrafi, etal. “Performance metrics and design considerations for a free-space optical orbital-angular-momentum multiplexed communication link,” Optica, Vol. 2, No. 4 / April 2015 

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