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Cyber Security

Multi-Dimensional Quantum Key Distribution & Cyber Security

Multi-dimensional Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) for cybersecurity using OAM states in photonics and RF. The current state of technology uses two-states of polarization for QKD. However, we have introduced new OAM states of photons as the basis for QKD. We have extended Bennett-Brassard (BB84) beyond polarization (2 state system) using LG modes or HG modes (multi-state system) for qubits. We also have extended Ekert 91 (E91) scheme with entangled pairs of photons using LG modes or HG modes (multi-state system) for qubits. We explore new techniques to combat denial of service attacks by routing communication via alternate links in case of disruption. We have included new techniques to combat Trojan horse attacks which does not require physical access to the endpoints as well as new techniques to combat faked-state attacks, phase remapping attacks and time-shift attacks. We introduced cloud-based Quantum Key Distribution for a multiuser network in a HetNet configuration.

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